Trip to meet Lord Ganesha

Lenyadri is the birthplace of Lord Ganesh.

Meaning of Ashtavinayak  Asht = Eight and Vinayak = Lord Ganesha

A Trends while starting Ashtavinayak Trip.

You have to make a (Sankalpa). You have to bring one coconut and told God and pray that you are going on Astavinayak Trip.

You have to bring this coconut to every Ashtavinayak place. After completing the trip you have to come back to the same place from where start your journey. After this, your Sankalp will finish off.

You need a minimum of two and a half-day for this trip.

If you start from Mumbai, India. Varad Vinayak is the nearest Ashtavinayak Ganesh temple.        

I suggest starting from Varad Vinayak. This is the only place where you can touch and fill Lord Ganesh’s statue one to one. Temple open for 24 hours.

We Start Ashtavinayak Bike Ride From ” Varad Vinayak ” We spent only Rs. 2000/- for this trip. Day-night Bike ride.

Suggested Route and Distance from Mumbai.

1) Varad Vinayak = 78 I’m,                

2) Lenyadri Girijadmaj  = 138 Km


3) Ozar Vighneshwar = 15 Km.

4) Ranjangaon = 77 Km.

5) Siddhatek = 93 Km.

6) Morgan Mayureshwar 58 Km.

7) Theur Chitamani = 81 Km.

8) Pali Ballaleshwar = 140 Km.

You can get a Group package tour. “Ashtavinayak” 2500/- to 5000/- including food and stay which start from Mumbai every Friday and Return to Mumbai on Sunday late night.

Even you can haired a car which is costing you around Rs. 10000 + Stay and food will be the additional cost.

Nearby Places, you can see. 1) Jejuri 2) Prati Balaji 3) Prati Shirdi.

ll Shree Swami Samatha ll


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