Atari Border vs Wagha Border

Just like a cricket match India vs Pakistan. Full on fun with soldiers and gun.

Atari Border India side siting Arrangements


This place is famous as the Wagha. India – Pakistan border.

It’s actual name is Attari border from India side and wagha border from Pakistan side.

India and Pakistan soldiers start their drill concerning their national flag to bring down. This ceremony starts at 5:15 pm. In summer and at 4:15 pm in winter.

Personal Experience

We visited this place in the rainy season. We booked one auto 8 sitter from Jalianwala baug. While traveling our auto driver gave us an instruction that holds our expensive items, mobile, camera hold properly and not kept near a window or not to speak on a mobile phone near the open area for safety. It’s total 32km journey. We took one Small break of 15 minutes.

As soon as we reach the Attari border we saw a surrounding look like a military camp. We saw a very different vehicle used by our Indian Army. There is a big line and multiple check posts toward the main entrance.

When we enter the main ceremony ground, We saw a sitting arrangement is just like a playground and we are going to see match. India vs Pakistan.

When drills start. soldiers start roaring like lions. Patriotic songs start on Loudspeaker. Everyone enjoys and dances to that music.

When Gate is open, Soldier presents their drills and skills one by one from both sides. It’s such a trailing experience. We are proud of our Army with respect.

How to reach

Air/ Train / Road

Atari border is just 32 km from Amritsar, Panjab, India.


Wagha border is just 29 km from Lahore, Pakistan.

Nearest Airport around 43 km. Nearest airport = Shree Gururamdasji International airport. India.

The nearest railway station is Atari Sham Singh railway station.

Chandigarh to Atari border = 264 km.

Mumbai to Atari border = 1692 km,

Delhi to Atari norder = 494 km.

A nearby places to visit

Tips and Guidance

You will get many transport option from Jalian wala baug Amritsar.

Avoid to bring the expensive product with you.

Don’t speak on mobile or use camera while traveling.

Try to reach early so you can able to choose a good sitting area.

Specially for Girls and ladies, if you want to involve in flag movements and Dance seats as near as possible from the main ground so you will be invited for same.

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