Chandoli National Park – Javli forest part 1

Chandoli National park covered almost 3 district of maharashtra. Satara, Sangali, Kolhapur. We covered dark forest near Javli Satara. Javali forest is famous for its wild animals and many old trees dark Located Sahyadri mountain range in Satara District, Maharashtra India.

This unique Picture capture by one of Rider.

About Javli Forest

Javli forest is part of Chandoli national park. Which located at Satara District. Javli forest is famous during the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Maratha empire. Due to its wildlife and black forest. Enemies fear to travel on this route. Even if they travel soldiers of marathas killed them through their tricks called Ganimikava. So it’s become a safest place for Marathas. Who well aware of the Javli forest.

Personal Experience

We visited this place with my bike riding group. It’s as usual a night ride. We started from Mumbai. Our target to reach at list till Khed. We select Mumbai Goa old highway. We reached khed at 3:30 am. We set our tent near parshuram mandir. We wakeup at 5:30 am. and start towards Chandoli National Park.

Kumbharli Ghat

After 25 km, we reach on a junction of Chiplun to Karad, We turn towards karad. This is the way which go through  one of the western ghat to connect western Maharashtra and Konkan. Kumbharli ghat is very beautiful but very sharp turn. It’s bit dangerous on corner.doesn’t have a extra margin at the corner. So be careful at Corner. 


Total off-roading experience

After Patan, we take a left turn towards Bhiravagad and real off-roading is started. Small muddy and dusty road start. At the start we enjoy off-roading but after some time off-roading becomes tricky to ride. We found Big and small stones on the way because of that whenever we trying to apply to break our bike get the slide. It’s a bit of a scary situation because we entered in remote areas there is no mechanic no puncture repairer no petrol pump. After some time we become familiar with the road and start to enjoy our journey of the dark forest. We saw Small river travel along with us.

Safety first mantra of our ride

At one point we saw a beautiful light come through trees and branches. Which fill like a God blessing us with the power of light. It’s very different experience. Which include all things just like action films.

We make it compulsory that no bike ride without riding gears. It helps us in the Javali forest ride. Our two-rider skidded while off-roading, but they were safe.

How to reach Javli forest

There are two way to visit Javli forest – Chadoli National park.

  • Via Pune beglore rode Pune – Satara – Karad – Javli forest.
  • Via Mumbai – Goa Road, Mangaon – Khed Chiplun – Kumbharli Ghat – phtarpunj – Bhairav Gad road.
  • The nearest airport is Pune = 215 km
  • The nearest railway station is Chiplun = 61 km

Tips & Guidance

  • The best place for tracking and off-roading.
  • Beware of wild animals.
  • Try with the experienced group and a local guide for more safety.
  • Bring sufficient food and water with you
  • Controlled Speed and engine braking is a solution on this offroad so be confident, wear appropriate safety gear.

Nearby place to visit

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