Sajjangad fort Travel Guide -Fort of Gentleman

Sajjangad fort, How to reach, places to visit, Travel guide, history, Spirituality, Tips and guidance, located at Satara district Maharashtra India.


About Sajjangad history

Sajjangad belongs to Sant Ramdas Swami, who is a follower of  Shree Ram. He gave a mantra to all world. How to control your emotions and change your attitude to  become a Gentlemen. Sajjangad located at Satara District, Maharashtra.India.

Ramdas swami a well-wishers and Dharma guru of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Stayed at sajjangad with their followers. He follows God Ram. Ramdas swami introduce him self as Das (Servent) of God Rama. He wrote many poems just like Manache shook, Karunashtak, which become a meditation note for concentration and find god inside our heart. They gave a clear message to the world don’t use your word to harm someone use your word power with respect which helps someone. These guidelines help people to become a gentleman and improve knowledge of spirituality.

Sahara is the capital of the Maratha kingdom and Sujjangad is located almost in the middle of the Satara District. Ramdas swami Ji also provides information to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj about the surrounding activity of enemies via their code word which reflects in their poem in rhyming words.

Personal Experience

Sajjangad a peaceful place which helps everyone to forgot their past and help them to find inner space of their heart to change their aggressive attitude toward soft and polite attitude. The location of Sajjangad is near Satara Just 18 to 20 km.


I visited Sajjanad while my Sajjangad – Kas pathar ride. We reached near Panvel within hours. Then we move towards old Mumbai Puna highway our next stop was Dehu bypass road, we reached Satara. In next day we pack our bags and move towards Sajjangad.

Just 2km before we found one junction one road going towards right side Kaspathar and other towards Sajjangad and Thoseghar water fall.

We reached at Sajjangad. We enter in main gate named Shivaji (Darvaja) Gate. We climbed more than 100 steps. On the way we saw many Hanuman  statue at our lefthand side which indicate 11 Maruti established by Ramdas Swami at verios place around the Maharashtra.

We saw following things on Sajjangad

  • Shree Ram Temple
  • Shree Ramdas Swami Samadhi
  • Shree Shridhar swami house

In Shree Ram mandir we saw the very beautiful statue of Maryada Purushottam Ram. After darshan. We took Mahaprasad, Free lunch rice, and sambar provided by the Sujjangad administration. They also provide Accommodation for followers. Well, maintain a place gave us a positive wave of spirituality.

How to reach

  • The nearest Airport is Pune = 140 km
  • The nearest Railway station is Satara = 16 km.
  • Mumbai to Sajjangad = 270 km.
  • Pune to Sajjangad = 127 km
  • Sajjangad to Kas pathar = 33 km

Tips and Guidance

  • You can get budget friendly accommodation at Sujjangad.
  • Read or hear “Manache Shlok” at list once it will help you to understand the capacity of the word.
  • Free food available 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Nearby places to visit

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