Pimpalgaon joga dam one day trip destination

In this blog, we cover information about Pimpalgaon Joga dam|how to reach | personal experience|things to do|nearby places to visit Malshej ghat.

About Pimpalgaon Joga dam

It’s a dam and backwater of the pushpavati and kukadi rivers. Just next to malshej ghat. This beautiful place has a very different look all season. As the backwater covers a very large area, so you can choose a different location. As per your convenience.

Personal experience

We explored this place while our Shivneri Joga dam bike ride. Two riders Me and Rakesh started from Mumbai at night we choose the Lonavala -Narayangaon route. After visiting Shivneri fort we move towards Joga dam. We click some nice photos in Ganesh Khind on the way to Joga dam. As soon as we move downhill we saw the Joga dam backwater. As we are riders we like unique and more panoramic views so we started our search around Joga dam.

We entered a small village, We park our bikes outside because we fill sum muddy area over there. It’s a good view but we can’t able to reach near water. So we decided to move to another place. While searching we found a very unique spot. Where we can park our bike near the water.

It’s a very nice and photogenic view of Joga Dam. A sky blue color water invites us to capture this colorful movement. What a lovely place we can’t imagine these types of places available around us. Very clean and crystal clear water. This place is located near fishermen colony.


A beautiful Duck family, When we park our bikes and start the photoshoot. We found One duck family. Walking towards water father mother and two kids. It looks like they are doing a catwalk to attract us to take their photos. They called each other in their language Pac – Pac – Pac, It’s so funny and queue cute little duck. After some time they all entered in water and start swimming.

We asked one family who was leaving just in front of that place. About a place how they leave there?  Is camping allowed ? How much deep water? Is there any risk to swim? How they do their fishing businesses? We got a very positive and satisfactory answer from them. They also allow us for camping.

When we share this information and images with my other group they immediately plan one trip with camping equipment. Many of them visit multiple times. So we proud to search a beautiful location which help many other this is Aim of our website.

How to reach Pimplegaon Joga dam

There are multiple routes we utilized both the route by road.

  • The nearest airport is Pune International Airport= 110 km.
  • Mumbai to Joga dam via Malshej Ghat = 145 Km.
  • Mumbai to Joga dam via Lonavala Chakan = 218 km.
  • Pune to Joga dam = 115 km

Tips and Guidance

  1. Malshej ghat is fastest route from Mumbai.
  2. Things to do near Joga Dam
    1. You can do Camping
    2. Speed boat
    3. Family picnic
    4. Birdwatching
    5. Enjoy water fall in rainy day.
  3. Good time to visit is August to February.

Nearby places to visit

  1. Shivneri fort ( Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Birthplace)
  2. Junnar
  3. Malshej Ghat
  4. Harushchandra Gad
  5. Manikdoh dam

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