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About Kerim Beach – केरीम बीच बद्दल

Goa was controlled by the Portuguese. So the many places name is pronounced in different ways just like Querim beach. Kerim beach is also known as Keri beach.

गोव्यावर पोर्तुगीजांचे नियंत्रण होते. त्यामुळे अनेक ठिकाणांचे नाव क्वेरीम बीचप्रमाणेच वेगवेगळ्या प्रकारे उच्चारले जाते. केरीम बीचला केरी बीच असेही म्हणतात.

Kerim beach is located at the north goa Prnem taluka, Goa, India. It’s a very beautiful beach on the Maharashtra Goa border. It’s also famous for peaceful and crowds less place. Which attract many foreigner, tourists and Bollywood filmmakers.

केरीम बीच उत्तर गोवा प्रनेम तालुका, गोवा, भारत येथे स्थित आहे. महाराष्ट्र गोवा सीमेवर हा एक अतिशय सुंदर समुद्रकिनारा आहे. हे शांततापूर्ण आणि गर्दी कमी ठिकाणासाठी देखील प्रसिद्ध आहे. जे अनेक परदेशी, पर्यटक आणि बॉलिवूड चित्रपट निर्मात्यांना आकर्षित करतात.

Personal Trip Experience – वैयक्तिक सहलीचा अनुभव

We visited this place while our bike ride Mumbai to Goa via Vengurla, After Sagareshwar Vengurla night camping. we wake up in morning and move towards our next destination was Kerim beach.

मुंबई ते गोवा मार्गे वेंगुर्ला, सागरेश्वर वेंगुर्ला नाईट कॅम्पिंग नंतर आम्ही या ठिकाणी गेलो. आम्ही सकाळी उठलो आणि आमचे पुढचे गंतव्य केरीम बीचकडे निघालो.

There were two route to visit Kerim beach from Vengurla & Sawantwadi  Maharashtra.


Via Terekhol, This route has ferry service. We also want to visit Terekhol fort so we choose the Terekhol route which was (Nearest route)

We visited Terekhol fort, We surprised after seeing Terekhol fort become a five star hotel. We asked security guard for entry pass but they not able to allow us. So we move towards Terekhol ferry, When we entered in ferry boat and asked to a skipper. He told us that due to low tide ferry boat service is not available. We saw kerim beach in front of us hardly 1 km away from us. But due to low tide we were not able to reach. So we turn our bike and move towards Aronda route which was 13 km away from Terekhol.

Via Aronda route :- There was a Hudavadi is junction we take right from Hudavadi – Bhatpavni – Aronda by pass – Kiranpani bridge – Goa.

Goa is a cool place for every one, Specially for a person who want cutoff from their daily routine life and need to relax with cool wind near seashore. Want to enjoy night life.

After crossing kiranpani bridge, we entered in GOA. The small narrow road started after 4 km ride we reached Kerim beach.

Kerim beach

We park our bikes near the beach. We saw a beautiful seashore in front of us. Many hotels are available near the beach. We like a sitting arrangement with an umbrella. It looks so cool.

We saw the lifeguard team available at Kerim beach. Goa government appoints them for tourist safety. They guide and warn people, not to go into the deep sea.

We enjoyed swimming near beach. After swimming we took a shower, Shower arrangement done by hotel owner.   After that we sat on a bench and called hotel person to take our order. We ordered paneer pakoda, sweet lime juice and fried rice.

Ajoba Devastan :- Ajoba devastan is located near Keri beach. The specialty of this temple that it’s made by statue or photo available inside the temple. There is a black stone on the side of the temple. Local people do their worship as Ajoba. Temple is well maintained and newly renovated

Nearby places to visit kerim beach and tourist attractions

  1. Aronda = 5.8 km
  2. Sawantwadi = 34 km
  3. Arambol beach = 10 km
  4. Sagareshwar Beach Vengurla = 27 km.
  5. Redi Ganpati Temple = 10 km / 14 km
  6. Vengurla = 28 km
  7. Shiroda Velagar Beach = 10 km/ 13km

How to reach kerim beach

  • Nearest Airport is Goa international Airport= 65 km.
  • Nearest Railway station is Pernem (Pedane) = 20 km.
  • Nearest city = Mhapusa 28 km.
  • Panjim to Kerim beach = 42 km.
  • Sawantwadi to Kerim beach = 34 km.
  • Two direct route available from Maharashtra
    • Via Terekhol (Ferry ⚓ route)
    • Via Aronda (Kiranpani bridge)

Tips and Guidance

  • Select both routes simultaneously so you will cover more places (Aronda / Terekhol)
  • You will get Bike and Scooter for rent, it will help you to explore more.
  • Bike rider is also available who will help you as a travel guide and transportation at a nominal cost
  • The best time to visit is November to March
  • Private bus facility as well as Kadamba bus facility available from Panjim and Mapusa.
  • Many hotel rooms are available near Kerim beach you can select according to your budget.
  • If you want 3 to the 5-star facility, You can choose Terekhol fort which becomes a heritage hotel.
  • Be careful while self-driving on a small road.

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