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About Koyana wildlife sanctuary

Koyana wildlife sanctuary is a reserve forest. Located in Satara District, Maharashtra, India. It’s a part of the Sahyadri tiger reserve which become a world heritage site for nature and forest lovers. Many rivers started from Mahabaleshwar and pass through Koyana wildlife sanctuary. The Koyana river covers the maximum area of this wildlife sanctuary so it’s named Koyana wildlife sanctuary.

कोयना वन्यजीव अभयारण्य हे राखीव जंगल आहे. सातारा जिल्हा, महाराष्ट्र, भारत येथे स्थित आहे. हा सह्याद्री व्याघ्र प्रकल्पाचा एक भाग आहे जो निसर्ग आणि वनप्रेमींसाठी जागतिक वारसा स्थान बनला आहे. अनेक नद्या महाबळेश्वरपासून सुरू होऊन कोयना वन्यजीव अभयारण्यातून जातात. कोयना नदीने या वन्यजीव अभयारण्याचे जास्तीत जास्त क्षेत्र व्यापले आहे म्हणून याला कोयना वन्यजीव अभयारण्य असे नाव देण्यात आले आहे.

The total area is covered by full of water a famous Koyana dam is situated near to forest area which helps plants to grow. over the climate is cool in all-season this all-natural facility attracts many wild animals and migrated birds.

एकूण क्षेत्रफळ पाण्याने भरलेले आहे, एक प्रसिद्ध कोयना धरण हे वनक्षेत्राजवळ आहे जे वनस्पती वाढण्यास मदत करते. सर्व ऋतूंमध्ये हवामान थंड असते या सर्व-नैसर्गिक सुविधेमुळे अनेक वन्य प्राणी आणि स्थलांतरित पक्षी आकर्षित होतात.

Tiger reserve:- Koyana wildlife sanctuary is a part of Sahyadri Tiger reserve, which helps to secure and maintain Tiger growth. And improve their counts. There were many other wild animals available just like leopards, bears, sambar, dear, snakes, python and Indian Bison.


व्याघ्र प्रकल्प:- कोयना वन्यजीव अभयारण्य सह्याद्री व्याघ्र प्रकल्पाचा एक भाग आहे, ज्यामुळे वाघांची वाढ सुरक्षित आणि राखण्यात मदत होते. आणि त्यांची संख्या सुधारा. बिबट्या, अस्वल, सांबर, डिअर, साप, अजगर आणि इंडियन बायसन असे इतर अनेक वन्य प्राणी उपलब्ध होते.

Personal Expirience – वैयक्तिक अनुभव

I visited Koyana wildlife sanctuary, While my Mumbai Koyana Nagar solo bike ride. While planning this ride I decided to cover entire koyana river side. So I set my map accordingly.

I started from Mumbai at 8:30 pm after office hours. I choose Mumbai – Goa route. According to plan I suppose to cover at least mangaon for night stay. One of my friend stayed their. I reached mangaon at 1:30 am.

Friends father came on the main road to received they provide me a separate room. I told him that I will be move early morning. I wake up at 5:30 and start my ride. I crossed mahad – ambelnari ghat and reached Pratapgat fort at 7:30 am. I spent almost one and half hours in pratapgad. After that I moved According to my plan toward Next destination Koyana wildlife sanctuary.

Koyana wildlife sanctuary timetable | things to do |accommodation

  • Time table = 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Guide is compulsory for forest tours
  • Boat ride is available at additional cost
  • Entry fee = Rs. 20/-
  • Best time to visit June to Feb
  • Many resorts and agro tourism rest House available
  • Be aware with wild animals
  • Camping is not allowed for individual in tiger reserve but their are facility available at nearby place which called as agro tourism.

While returning I chose Mahabaleshwar – satara via Pune route and reached Mumbai at 1:30 pm.

How to reach Koyana wildlife sanctuary.

  • Nearest air port is Pune international airport = 154 km
  • Nearest railway station is Satara = 80 Km
  • Nearest city is Mahabaleshwar = 29 in
  • Satara to Koyana wildlife sanctuary = 81
  • Pune to Koyana wildlife sanctuary = 144 km
  • Mumbai to koyana wildlife sanctuary
    • Mumbai Goa highway via poladpur = 249 km
    • Mumbai – Pune  – wai  = 249 km.

Place to Visit near koyana wildlife sanctuary

  • Mahabaleshwar hill station
  • Panchgani hill station
  • Pratapgad fort
  • Sajjangad fort
  • Wai Ganesh temple
  • Ajinkya tara fort.

Tips and Guidance

  • Start early and visit reach place at list 7:00 am so you can find beautiful foggy environment which improve your chance to saw wild animals.
  • You can include Mahabaleshr, panchgani to make a combo trip.
  • Be aware and careful while riding at night or early morning. ( Indian Bison/ Gaur )

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