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The dear team welcomes to our website. In today’s blog, we cover the Ghatghar Dam and the unique Japanese technology that use to make electricity. I am sure that you will definitely like this technic. I am also giving you some necessary guidance and tips so you can able to manage your plan properly.

Ghatghar Dam is located in the range of Bhandardara in Akole Taluka District Ahmednagar Maharashtra India.

Personal experience

We visited this place while our bhandardara ride. When we reach Ghatghar Dam which based on the hilltop. We saw surrounding nature near Ghatghar Dam was very beautiful with full of lust green valley. We parked our bike near a railing of Ghatghar Dam.
It’s just divided into two parts. A top portion full of water till the Dam wall and another part was just downhill site. We surprise after seeing
this multiple Dam in the same range, so we ask the local person about the same. He gave us proper information about the Dam.

Unique Japanese technology used in Ghatghar Dam

As you know Japan is famous for its advanced technology. This dam is a joint venture of the Maharashtra Government and Japan.
A specialty of this Dam that they can use the same water multiple times to make electricity

How it’s work

When water flows through the top Dam to the lower Dam approximately 500 ow
electricity gets generated.
When this water stored in the lower Dam. They again transfer this water
to the upper Dam through the heavy-duty water pump for this they used 250 kw power consumption. In overall process, they save 250 kw electricity In every cycle.

How to reach Ghatghar Dam

The nearest airport is Nashik domestic airport (Ozar) = 87 Km


The nearest railway station is Igatpuri railway station  = 39 Km

The nearest city is Nashik = 68 km

Aurangabad to  = 91 km

From Pune =  152 km

Mumbai to Ghatghar Dam = 160 Km

Bhadardhara to Ghatghar Dam = 3 Km

Tips and Guidance

Monsoon is the best time to visit Ghatghar Dam. Nice grass tea is available in a tea stall.
If you plan this place on weekdays you can ask for more details from the tea stall person. He will guide you without any extra cost.
You can enjoy a special local food near Ghatghar Dam just like a
Kanda bhaji (Onion pakoda), Hot grass tea,
Pithala bhakri.

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