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Dear team welcomes to our website. In today’s blog, we cover the Lenyadri – Girijatmaj Lord Ganapati temple which one of the Ashtvinayak temples In this blog, we give basic information with the story as well as travel information with tips. We also cover nearby tourist attractions and Ashtavinayak Ganpati with travel map link. It will help you for your travel planning.

Lenyadri – Girijatmaj

Girijatmaj everyone knows a Lord Ganesha story that how he born and how he got a head of elephant but do you know where is that place is located ?

Lenyadri Ganpati history

Lenydri is place and Girijadmaj is a Ganpati name. Girija means Paravati and maj means dirt. As per story in Purana Goddess Parvati came to Lenyadri. After seeing this beautiful place, she wats to bath in natural water. so she make one boy from dirt for Security. She gave instruction to dirt boy that, do not allowed any one to enter in caves.

When lord Shiva want to meet Goddess Parvati. Dirt boy not allowed him to enter in caves, as per his mother Parvati instructions. He also challenge lord Shiva to fight with him. So Lord Shiva fight with him and cut his head by Trishul (Tridental) and after knowing the reality he took an elephant head joint with boy’s body and make him alive. The place of this story is a Lenyadri located at Junner taluka Pune district of Maharashtra of India.

Lenyadri caves

Personal Experience

We visited this place while our Ashtavinayak bike ride as well as on with family tour. Girijatmaj is famous Ashtavinayak temple which also call called as Lenyadri Ganpati due to Lenyadri caves situated on a hilltop it also famous for its surrounding caves this is the birth of Lord Ganesha.

We reach Lenyadri at 11 are we park our bike in the parking area which available near the base of the Lenyadri Mountain. We start climbing on steps, steps are made by black rock.

We found many local people sale fruits and other snacks and butter milk. so we try buttermilk and some boiled ground nuts. We discussed with that local person about Lenyadri. He guide us very well. After climbing more than 250 + steps we reach near Lenyadri Girijatmaj temple.


Girijatmaj temple is made in big black rock caves. There are small steps which is made in rock just before main entrance so we climb that small steps after that we saw Two big pillar just in front of main entrance, made by black rock. Its a best example of excavation and carving. We finally reach near main temple.

The overall environment is very cool a big orange color Lord Ganesh statue can be seen from the entrance. We took Darshan and sat in the sabha mandap (hall) of the temple.

After that we rome around the temple and we found many different types of caves. Its just like Buddhist architecture . Its a memorable movement for us. The view from hill top is amazing. Lots of monkey available near the cave some time the trying to pull tourist bags to find a food packets.

Thereafter, we move towards our next destination which is Ozar Ganpati Vigneshwara / Vighnahara just 16 km away from Lenyadri.

How to reach

There are two routes to visit Mumbai to Lenyadri Girijatmaj Ganapati

  1. Via Malshej Ghat – Thane – Kalyan – Malshej ghat – Lenyadri = 155 Km
  2. Via Lonavala Ghat – Talegaon – Chankan – Lenyadri = 211 Km
  3. If you want to travel by public transport you have to check bus for Junnar. You will get connective bus or Vehicle for Lenyadri.
  4. Many package tours available from Mumbai and Pune

Travel map link –

Place to visit Near Lenyadri

Tips and Guidance

  • Be aware from Monkey, Don’t carry your expensive items with you.
  • Try local food and Snaks Just like Boiled Corn, butter milk.
  • Keep water bottle with you, Hotel or food court not available at top.
  • Try to visit in the early morning for amazing views
  • Time for darshan is Morning 5 am to Evening 8 pm but you try to finished before six because its a forest area. Its little bit risky in late-evening.
  • Sufficient Parking is available at the base and food court are also available near parking area.
  • Hotels and resorts available in Junner, Camping facility is also available Pmpalgaon joga dam
  • You can book a travel Ashtavinayak darshan package from Mumbai and Pune its take 3 days. Which cost you around 2500/- onwards which include food, stay and travel.
  • I recommend, I you want to stay near Lenyadri, You must visit Ozar because Many good hotels and budget hotel available in ozer.

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