Jog falls travel guide – The best waterfall of Karnataka

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जॉग फॉल्स प्रवास मार्गदर्शक, शरावती व्हॅली वन्यजीव अभयारण्य, माहिती, बाईक राइड, कसे पोहोचायचे, टिपा, भेट देण्याची जवळपासची ठिकाणे, उत्तर कानडा, कर्नाटक, भारत.

The Jog fall is the best waterfall of Karnataka. A paradise on earth and Tourist places of Karnataka tourism. located at Sharavati Valley wildlife Sanctuary,  Shimoga – Uttar Canada District, Karnataka, India. 

जोग फॉल हा कर्नाटकातील सर्वोत्तम धबधबा आहे. पृथ्वीवरील स्वर्ग आणि कर्नाटक पर्यटनाची पर्यटन स्थळे. शरावती व्हॅली वन्यजीव अभयारण्य येथे स्थित, शिमोगा – उत्तर कनडा जिल्हा, कर्नाटक, भारत.

Personal experience of road trips

I visited this place while my Mumbai to Gokarna bike ride. Therefore I like to share my personal experience of road trips with you. Which helps you in trip planning, In this blog you will get images, Travel map link, Haw to reach, Nearby place to visit, this information will help you as Travel Guide.

मी माझ्या मुंबई ते गोकर्ण बाईक राईड करत असताना या ठिकाणी गेलो होतो. त्यामुळे मला माझ्या सहलींचा अनुभव तुमच्यासोबत शेअर करायला आवडेल. जे तुम्हाला ट्रिप प्लॅनिंगमध्ये मदत करेल या ब्लॉगमध्ये तुम्हाला इमेजेस, ट्रॅव्हल मॅप लिंक, पोहोचायचे ठिकाण, भेट देण्याचे जवळपासचे ठिकाण, ही माहिती तुम्हाला ट्रॅव्हल गाइड म्हणून मदत करेल.

Information about Jog falls – Travel Guide


Shar-Avanti = Shar = Arrow, As per Purana, During Exile. Ram and Sita visited this place. When Sita was thirsty, so Lord Ram shot an arrow and drew water from the ground. As a result the continuous water flow becomes River. So Later this river is named Sharavati. Jog fall is a part of the Sharavati river. This is the biggest waterfall not only in Karnataka but also ranks in the top five waterfalls in India.

Sharavanti = Shar = बाण, पुराणानुसार, वनवासात. राम आणि सीता यांनी या ठिकाणी भेट दिली. सीतेला जेव्हा तहान लागली तेव्हा रामाने बाण मारून जमिनीतून पाणी काढले. परिणामी सतत पाण्याचा प्रवाह नदी बनतो. त्यामुळे पुढे या नदीचे नाव शरावती पडले. जॉग फॉल हा शरावती नदीचा एक भाग आहे. हा फक्त कर्नाटकातीलच नव्हे तर भारतातील पहिल्या पाच धबधब्यांमध्ये सर्वात मोठा धबधबा आहे.


Sharavati is the biggest River in Karnataka, which falls from almost 500 ft high. Many flows came together and become the biggest waterfall. We saw there are four main falls available. All of these are look like King and Queen flowing together, there after one fall was flowing faster like a rocket and the other was flowing through stones so its noise was heard like a lion Roar in forests.

शरावती ही कर्नाटकातील सर्वात मोठी नदी आहे, जी जवळजवळ 500 फूट उंचीवरून खाली येते. अनेक प्रवाह एकत्र आले आणि सर्वात मोठा धबधबा बनला. आम्ही चार मुख्य फॉल्स उपलब्ध असल्याचे पाहिले. हे सर्व राजा आणि राणी एकत्र वाहत असल्यासारखे दिसत आहेत, एक पडल्यानंतर रॉकेटप्रमाणे वेगाने वाहत होता आणि दुसरा दगडांमधून वाहत होता त्यामुळे त्याचा आवाज जंगलात सिंह गर्जनासारखा ऐकू येत होता.

Personal Experience – Bike Ride

On the way – Mumbai to Karnataka

Hello, friends welcome to my travel blog. We are going to Karnataka

I and my friend Sameer started our bike ride from Mumbai at Night and Choose the Pune Bangalore route to Belgaum. We did our night camping at Karad and had a Delicious lunch at Haveli restaurant Belgaum and a Night stay at Gokarna. 

मी आणि माझा मित्र समीर यांनी रात्री मुंबईहून आमची बाईक चालवायला सुरुवात केली आणि बेळगावला जाणारा पुणे बंगलोर मार्ग निवडा. आम्ही आमचे रात्रीचे कॅम्पिंग कराड येथे केले आणि हवेली रेस्टॉरंट बेळगाव येथे स्वादिष्ट जेवण केले आणि गोकर्ण येथे रात्रीचा मुक्काम केला.

Sharavati Valley wildlife sanctuary

Wired hanging bridge

After Gokarna, we move towards Jog waterfall. Take a left turn from Kocchi highway at Honnavar. While riding we found many unplanned places, because of that we able to explore Sharavati wired hanging bridge made on the Sharavati river for motorcycles. It’s a unique wired public bridge that can be utilized for bikes. I made a separate blog on the same.


We move through  Sharavati Valley wildlife sanctuary. Valley was very beautiful with green forest after some time the ghat section started, and we experience new views at every turn.  started, cornering in winding roads was an adventurous movement for us.

Sharavati Valley view point

We stop at Sharavati Valley view point and take some awesome pictures after that we move forward and reached at Jog waterfall entrance.


Selfie point of jog falls – I love Jog

The tourism department develop this place very nicely. In entrance they make a selfie point a big acrylic letter ” I love Jog “. Parking is available near selfie points. They also developed Multiple view points with proper construction, easy stapes with safety railings. Which help tourists for better fearless view.

You can descend into the waterfalls, steps are available at view point.

Jog Fall – The best water of Karnataka

Jog Waterfall is a paradise on earth. Stunning with the beauty of nature and filled with innumerable streams. Keeping uniqueness Immeasurable beauty overflows with unlimited water. Integration of several waterfalls source of the river Sharavati. The wonders of nature and the best water fall of Karnataka.

The Best waterfall of Karnataka

We saw Rainbow 🌈and fill great because It’s an unforgettable event for us. The glory of water is flowing on the earth and spread seven colors which create incredible scenic view of nature.

Rainbow at Jog fall

Staircase for get down near fall.

There are steps to get down to the foot of the waterfall. So You can able to enjoy the nearest view and also the joy of soaking in water. Most of the time they allowed for tourists to reach near Jog falls.

For safety reason, some restrictions may occur, Only during heavy rain.

Sharavati river Back water view

This place is on hill top and just before Jog waterfall. It was a famous tourist place of Karnataka, From this place, You can see a back water of Sharavati river. just before falling down.

You have to pay additional charges for entry fees and they also provide Travel Guide facilities.

How to reach Jog fall

Jog fall is located in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka state road transport service buses are available from Jog fall.

Tips and Guidance and Things to do

  • Travel Guide
  • If you travel from Maharashtra, I suggest to use two different route
    • Pune – Belgaum route – (Faster Route)
    • Panel – Goa route (More tourist places on this route)
  • All types of food courts are available, You can enjoy according to your test
  • Don’t forgot to visit Sharavati river wired bridge it’s worth.
  • There are two spots to visit

Food facility

This is a part of south India so you can enjoy the best south Indian food. We tried Russum and rice with Coconut chatni. All this served in banana tree leaf. We also try a Sambhar because It’s very delicious.

Near by place to visit – Travel Guide

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