25 Best Places to visit near Igatpuri waterfall travel guide

25 Best Places to visit near Igatpuri waterfalls, dam, wildlif sanctuary, tourist places, travel guide, Tips, puri, distance from, how to reach, hub, Maps, Nasik, Maharashtra, India. This will help you as travel guide while your trip planning.

Igatpuri is a famous hill station in Maharashtra and the hub of many important tourist destinations. Located on Mumbai – Agra National Highway, between two important cities of Maharashtra, India. Mumbai and Nasik.

25 Best Places to visit near Igatpuri and waterfall Travel Guide

Igatpuri is the hub of many important tourist destinations from here you have alternative routes option nearby to Trambakeshwar, Nashik, Bhandardhra, Ahmednagar and Aurangabad.

Igatpuri is hub of Tourist destinations

In this blog, We will guide you in simple route vice destination plan. Which help you to find perfect spot for photography, too many waterfalls, camping site, adventure, religious places, Mythical place, so you will able to choose the best tourist places for weekend gateway and one day trip near Mumbai and Nashik.

Personal Experience – Best Places to visit near Igatpuri and Mumbai

I am a solo traveler and travel blogger and bike rider thereof wandered around all these places. Many people asking me a nearest destination for road trip and one day trip or for weekend getaway. I suggest them many places some extra numbers of sightseeing and tourist attractions.

Most of the time people visit a tourist spot, and spend all our time in one place, Just think Instead of that, if you know about more places around you so you can explore more destination in same time and Little bit extra cost which will be the best holiday place or spot with fresh surrounding area. This travel blog will help you as travel guide to plan your trip according to your budget, time, choice. 25 Best Places to visit near Igatpuri.

Igatpuri – Best Places  and waterfall Travel guide

Igatpuri Hill Station starts after the completion of Kasara Ghat. It is a place of cool air and attracts a large number of tourists during monsoons and winters. Rainfall waterfalls flow all around The Kasara Ghat on the way to Igatpuri would have been full of scenic beauty. Most of the hotel business here runs full twelve months of the year. Igatpuri is often named after Lonavla.

Kasara Ghat

Kasara Ghat is a ghat connecting Nashik and Mumbai This ghat is one way so There are two different ways to get in and out among them, Kasara Ghat from Mumbai to Nashik ghat road is more adventurous.

Camel Hill 🐪

After the end of Kasara Ghat from Mumbai side, It will came to the right side so we have to short walk from the main road the view of camel hill is spectacular scenic place. The mountain range tops is look like the back of a camel so name of the place is Camel hill.

Igatpuri waterfall near camel hill

Igatpuri Falls is very famous especially in the rainy season. Many young people came here to visit in the rain Seeing the scenic valley here is a very pleasant experience Situated on a hilltop, this Place is very beautiful and adventures. 

Myanmar Gate Travel guide

One of the biggest attraction is the Myanmar Gate Dhammagiri Vipassana Meditation center. Myanmar gate is a part of Vipassana center of meditation to relax and recover from stressful life situated near lush green hills.

Nashik and Bhandardara, which are close are some of the most popular destination Climate is so pleasant so it’s become tourists attractions for weekend gateways 

Manas Resort

Manas Resort is a place one of the tourist attraction in Igatpuri, which covered almost more than 14 acres area, provides accommodation, food court, swimming pool, fitness center therefore The Resort is a modern day tourist destination. Many such resorts available in Igatpuri.

Best places to visit near Igatpuri on Bhandardhra Route

Bhavali Dam

Bhavali Dam, Bhavali waterfall very nice place near to Igatpuri, Nasik District. Lots of people visit here due to less crowded place in the rainy season, As this place is located between Igatpuri and Bhandardara road there of the nature view of scenic lake, mountain and valley was good to see. this blog will help you as travel guide to plan your family road trip.

Bhavali Waterfall travel guide

Arthur lake

This lake is one of the major attractions in Bhandardara because the lake is surrounded by dense forests, many waterfalls come from the surrounding area. You can chose many camping site all around the Arthur lake so for numerous sightseeing attraction this is best place to visit specially in monsoon.

Randha water fall

Randha waterfall is one of the best locations in Bhandardara and biggest waterfall with surround with reserve forest area, and the riverbank of Pravara river.

Ghatghar dam – Pandav kada

Ghatghar Unique Japanese Technology Dam is located in the range of Bhandardara in Akole Taluka District Ahmednagar Maharashtra India.

Kalsubai peak

Kalsubai peak highest hill point of Maharashtra. This is also popular among young people who are looking for the best hiking place, adventurous and rock climbing activities. All kinds of travelers like to visit Kalsubai peak

Best places to visit near Igatpuri on Nasik route – Travel Guide

Nashik City

Nashik city is known as a historical city as well as a mythical city The city dates back to the Ramayana period, The Kumbh Mela is held once in twelve years. Godavari Mata temple available their which only open at the time of Kumbhe mela. I visited this place more than 25 times When I was younger And I have attended two Kumbha Aquarius fairs with my Father.

Muktidh – There are so many idols of gods and goddesses available at one place meaning a way towards moksha located in Nashik city

Panchayati and Kalaram Temple is an important tourist destination and spiritual place in Nashik. In the Ramayana Sita was abducted by Ravana from here while Ram Sita and Laxman were living in exile.


Vani Sapatshrungi Temple

After going a little further from Nashik, Saptashrungi. It is considered to be one of the three and a half Shakti Peethas, Devi Saptashungi Temple Vani. Religious place of Hindu’s.

Chanakpur Dam and Arjun Sagar Dam

This place is just next to Sapatashrungi Gad Vani on the way towards Don hill and and Saputara route become a attraction of traveler.

Don hillstation

An unexplored place with Beautiful Nature. Don is a very good less crowded place for a family trip. Only 107 Kilometers from Nasik. Near Maharashtra Gujarat border. Just 268 kilometers from Mumbai.

Saputara hillstation travel guide

Located on Gujrat and Maharashtra border. In Dang district Gujarat. India. It’s located near Purva wildlife sanctuary and vansada national park. Personal Experience We visited this place while my bike ride Purva wield life. We started from Mumbai after office time. We chose Mumbai – Agra highway via Nashik route.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide

Purna wildlife sanctuary is A reserved forest Near Nashik and Saputara. This place is famous for their wildlife and scenic view. Campsites is also available at Purna wildlife sanctuary. So it’s become a tourist place specially for Nature and adventure lover.

Best places to visit near Igatpuri on Trimbakeshwar Route

Timbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

One of the Jyotirlinga out of 12 in India. Source of Godavari river and famous for Kumbha Mela which held once in 12 Year.

Akhil Bhartiya Shree Swami Samarth Gurupeeth Trimbakeshwar

This place is located just 3 km before Timbakeshwar. The place is dedicated to Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. Many spiritual activities are performed here, Also, three and a half Shakti Peeths have been set up there and free meals are provided between 12 noon and 2 p.m. A visit here at least once will make you feel promising.

Mukane Dam Travel guide

Mukne dam is a place near Trimbakeshwar road. A very good place with scenic view so many tourist came here in early morning or evening for photography. This is also famous place for Bike riders for Breakfast ride.


Jawhar is a historical place, on the way to Trimbakeshwar. Here you will find Dabhosa Waterfall and Mukne Palace beautiful tourist destination, A perfect place for an adventure tourer and weekend getaway.

Best places to visit near Igatpuri on Aurangabad Route

Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Guide

Gautala wildlife Sanctuary is located in Aurangabad District, Maharashtra, India. Some part of Gautala is coming under Jalgaon district. This is also known as Autramghat Sanctuary. This is a reserved forest area part of Western Ghats also known as knnnad prant.

Ajanta Ellora caves

Ajanta Ellora Caves, is world-famous heritage and specimen of oldest architecture, There were group of many caves and the Kailasa Temple cave Number 16 is very famous in all these caves.

Bibika maqbara

Bibi Ka Maqbara is very close to Aurangabad and It was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, Done in memory of his wife This is a replica of the Taj Mahal.

Best places to visit near Igatpuri on Ahmednagar Route

Shiradi -Saibaba Samadhi

A famous temple and Samadhi than in all our India belongs to Shri Sai Baba. Who gave us the mantra “Shardha and Saburi”. Many devotees visit Shirdi and put their heads at Sai’s feet. Lots of hotels available Many hotels and accommodation are available here, Which run 24 hours a day.

Sakori – Shree Kanya kumari temple

This temple is belongs to Kanyakumari and Kalavati devi so people visit here for peaceful environment. I had visited this place with my father when I was young, at that time there was one tree near temple with the mask of lord Ganesha.

Shani Shiganapur – wonder of the world

The temple of Shani dev (One of the Navagrahas) is available at Shani Shiganapur. The idol of Shaneshwara is standing on middle square because Its a open place no one able to build temple on this Idol. Thereof this is wonder of the world. One more wonder, Houses at Shani Shinganapur have no door. ,

Tips and Guidance – Travel Guide

A combination of several tourist destinations on one route so you can choose any places. As per your liking.

I’m shearing I have updated my own experience in this For that, click on the link given above the name of the destination.

25 Best Places to visit near Igatpuri with distance – Travel Guide

  • 1) Myanmar Gate = 0•5 Km
  • 2) Camel Valley = 7.0 Km
  • 3) Nashik =
    • A)Kalaram Mandir = 47 Km
    • B) Muktidham
    • C) Godavari River – Kumbhamela destination
    • D) Panchavati = Sita mati
  • 4) Saputara Hill station = 125 Km
  • 5) Purna Wildlife Sanctuary = 194 Km
  • 6) Saptashrungi Gad Mata Mandir = 111 km
  • 7) Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga = 52 Km
  • 8) Akhilbhartiya Swami Samartha Gurupeeth =
  • 9) Mukane dam = 33 Km
  • 10) Jawhar = 69 Km
    • A) Dabosa Water fall
    • B) Mukane Palace
  • 11) Bhandardhra = 45 Km For Camping
  • 12) Randha waterfall = 45 Km
  • 13) Ghatghar dam = 60 Km
  • 14) Arthur lake Bhandardhara = 41 Km
  • 15) Bhavali dam = 11 Km
  • 16) Bhavali waterfall = 12 Km
  • 17) Kalsubai peak = 33 Km
  • 18) Aurangabad = 218 Km
  • 19) Gautala wildlife sanctuary = 237 Km
  • 20) Ajanta Ellora caves = 209 Km
  • 21) Bibi ka Maqbara = 217 Km
  • 22) Shirdi – Saibaba Sansthan = 121 Km
  • 23) Kasara Ghat = 17 Km
  • 24) Don Hill station = 149 Km
  • 25) Sri Upasani Kanyakumari Temple Sakori, Maharashtra = 124 Km
  • 26) Shani Shinganapur = 176 Km

How to Reach Igatpuri – Travel Guide

Igatpuri Distance from important City

  • Mumbai = 121 Km
  • Pune = 208 Km
  • Nashik = 46 Km
  • Satara = 323 Km
  • Nagpur = 692 Km
  • Agra = 1084 Km
  • Indore = 463 Km
  • Bhopal = = 655 Km
  • Ahmedabad = 511 Km
  • Surat = 246 Km
  • Delhi = 1298 Km
  • Bangalore = 1014 km

Hotels & Accommodation on the different route – Travel guide

  • Igatpuri – There are many options available to stay at Igatpuri which is why I can also get a normal budget hotel from Five Star
  • Bhandardhra – There are many resorts available in Bhandardara and Camping facilities are available
  • Aurangabad route – Aurangabad can be a great hotel and accommodation facility for you.
  • Trimbakeshwar and Jawahar can be great places to stay.
  • In Shirdi you can find great accommodation as well as everything from 5 star hotels to budget hotels and hospices with dormitory hall.

Note :-

My father used to arrange the trip himself, So I spent a lot of time with him. Thereof I have visited many places since my childhood. This website has been launched in his memory to guide people about traveling and provide the best information.

I visited all these places personally so I’m making an effort to provide original photographs and personal experiences in this blog. You can also visit our website for more informative travel Blogs, www.varadprasadtours.com

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