Kasarsai dam travel Guide, Group bike ride destination

I went to this place with my bike riding group BBC Club. Since this was a surprise ride, we didn’t know the final location. Our admin and organizer were guiding us through the paradigm.

मी माझ्या बाईक रायडिंग ग्रुप बीबीसी क्लबसोबत या ठिकाणी गेलो होतो. ही एक सरप्राईज राईड असल्याने आम्हाला अंतिम ठिकाण माहित नव्हते. आमचा अ‍ॅडमिन आणि आयोजक आम्हांला परिपाठातून मार्गदर्शन करत होते

We all got instructions to meet in the group at half past five in the morning. Meeting location was Macdonald Panvel.

I was a first who reach first almost half an hour before the time. About 17 to 20 bikes were participatein our group ride. In it I saw several high-end bike just like Kawasaki, Ninja, Dominore, Royal Enfield, R15, I had brought my 100cc bike with them.

After a while our admin gave us a few instructions, That’s how our leader was going to go first and one reader was going to back everyone for group formation.

Ride Start from Panvel Macdonald

As Soon our bike ride started, I heard the sound of their bike coming over our ears. Everyone with a big bike and our leader While watching never knew when it would disappear, But our one leader was raiding with us. He had Dominator Four Hundred. However, he never left me alone because I am riding second last

First break at Khandala

The first stop we took was at Khandala Ghat. Everyone had arrived before us, our Pune team also Met us at same place. I was very hungry because I ate nothing in the morning So when I saw the Vadapav in front me I eat that in a few minutes. After vadapav party we set off on the next journey.


Lonavala to Surprised locations

Next we continued on the old Puna road till Urse data near Prati shirdi Pune, there we found four road, Second towards Mumbai Pune Express way and third towards Prati Shirdi.

So we turned our bike leading to PratShirdi road you can connect this location via Mumbai – Pune express highway the road connecting Urse.

Surprised locations

Still no one knew anything about the Surprised locations. After fifteen minutes of bike riding, We reached near location. A beautiful view appeared in front of us.

Parking at Kasarsai dam

In the parking lot, we parked our bikes and we saw a nice resort in front of us. Very nice surrounding beautiful view of Kasarsai with lush greenery. Majestic peak in front of us. I think it’s best place for Weekend getaways.

Boating facility at Kasarsai dam

Boating facility at Kasarsai dam

This facility is available at Kasarsai dam in reasonable rate in this Beautiful destination best place for nature lovers near Mumbai and Pune.

Beautiful Resort Near Kasarsai dam

We enjoy good food and other facility provided by resort. It’s bit expensive than regular rate due to scenic location but it’s worth to visit because of over all interior and Fresh surrounding with Panoramic view.

Beutiful resorts near Kasarsai dam

There was a lot of hustle and bustle when everyone got together, Some were try to enjoy themselves as per their choice.

How to reach Kasarsai Dam

Tips and Best Things to do

  • Boating facility available near Kasarsai dam
  • Camping facility also available at Kasarsai dam
  • Food Court available near Kasarsai dam
  • The best time to visit is in the monsoon as well as in winter.
  • One can see the best Sun raise view.

Nearby places to visit

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