Shirpamal Travel Guide Jawhar – Historical place

Shirpamal is a tourist place near Jawhar Nashik road Near Trimbakeshwar, Jawhar District, Maharashtra. Structure of Shirpamal Situated on the top of Sahyadri mountain Which was utilized Surveillance area in the vicinity.

History of Shirpamal

While Surat ride Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj visited this place after visiting Trimbakeshwar. The local King Vikram sing meet Chatrapati Shivaji Raje and welcome him. He gifts him the crown with respect and loyalty towards Swrajya. Dated 31 December 1664. After this ceremony, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj moves towards Surat.

Shirpa = Shirpech = Crown and Mal = Area. So this place is known as Shirpamal. Which is belongs to the above ceremony.

Personal Experience

On the way to Shirpamal

I visited this place while my Mumbai to Jawhar bike ride. This time I was riding with my life partner my wife. We started from Mumbai at 7:00 am and chose the Ahmedabad route to Manor. We took the right turn from Manor and move towards Jawhar Trimbakeshwar road.

Manor to Jawhar route was very spectacular full of lush green environment. It’s a Single road but in good road condition. We saw many farms from both sides of the road. It’s an unforgettable experience.

After visiting a new Jawhar Palace. We move towards Shirpamal. It’s approximate 2km from Jawhar Market. If you are coming from Trimbakeshwar this will arrive just before Jawhar Citi. On the right-hand side.

Entrance of Shirpamal

It’s a very simple and highly visible board from the main road and the actual place is just 5-minute walking distance from the main gate

Beautiful staircase


Blushing and yellow colors steps Took me towards the main place.

Main Gate of Shirpamal

The architect tries to give the shape of the fort to the main door. It’s a simple arch made of stone and on top of that structure is look like the Watchtower.

Golden words at Shirpamal historical place

In the middle of the Shirpalmal, One structure is available and at the top of the structure, on FCe Octagon shaped Granite Is installed. They write a history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with golden color letters.

Shirpalmal Orange Flag Jawhar

Beautiful Nature view from Shirpalmal

Places to visit near Shirpamal travel guide

How to reach Shirpamal Jawhar Travel Guide

Nearest railway station is – Nashik railway station which is 83 km from shirpamal

Nearest airport is – Ozar airport which is 106 km from shirpamal.

Distance from shirpamal

Nashik – 75.4 km
Mumbai – 145 km
Pune – 274 km
Satara – 376 km
Kolhapur – 497 km
Bhandardara – 101 km
Lonavala – 211 km
Khandala – 330 km
Vani – 118 km
Saputara – 153 km

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