Jai Vilas Palace Travel Guide – Bike ride and trip

Jay Vilas Palace of Jawhar was built by Jawhar’s King Shrimanta Yaswantarao Mukane. From the year 1939 to 1945. So it’s also called Mukane Palace. All across-the-board areas covered 500 acres. This palace is built on the ridge of Devkoba.  This is an example of the best architecture made by Marble and The stone was brought from the nearby Sakare village just 12 on away from Jawhar.

I’m here again with yet another travel blog on Jai Vilas Palace the best location and adventurous place near Jawhar for a fun ride and drive. In this blog, I will share my personal experience with images of route plans, tips, things to do, how to reach, nearby places to visit, distance from other cities, so it will help you as Travel Guide to plan your trip.

Personal Experience – Travel Guide

I have been to this place two or three times. While office picnic. One of our office colleagues is a resident of this village. His last name is Chetan Mukane similar to that of the royal family. Because of his acquaintance, we were able to see this palace from inside and outside.

This is an example of beautiful architecture. And The palace with forty to fifty rooms looks very spacious. Spacious living room and steps, Library, Bedroom, Two-storied palace, The terrace at the top, And the nearby scenic surroundings so all these Aspects were very captivating.


On the way to Jai Vilas Palace

Recently I visited here with my wife during the monsoon bike ride. We started from Mumbai at 6:45 am. And chose the route via Ahmedabad highway till Manor – Vikramgad, and Jawhar.

The road from Manor to Jawahar is very wonderful Nature seemed to be surrounded by endless shades of color and greenery was spreading everywhere.

Entrance of Jawhar City

Jai Vilas Palace is located at the Entrance of Jawhar City. You have to take a right turn and park your vehicle near the entrance.

The road to the palace

Lake near Jai Vilas Palace jawhar

Landscape view of Jai Vilas Palace

Tips and Things to do

  • Bike parking is available near Palace
  • The most beautiful way to get there is through Vaitarna, Trimbakeshwar route
  • As Jawahar is a historical place you can see the Shiva architecture here shirpalmal
  • You can visit many many water reservoirs and Dam
  • Dabhosa waterfall is just 14 km away from Palace,
  • There are many places you can accumulate in your trip check the nearby place list below
  • Wada road is going through industrial area so avoided it.

Food facilities and Hotels

  • Good hotel available near Entrance of Palace
  • Veg thali is at a very reasonable cost of Rs. 120 which include two Panjabi Bhaji as per your choice
  • Non-veg is also available
  • Best item is Shevachi Bhaji.
  • There are many other hotel available in Jawhar city

Accommodation near Jai Vilas Palace

  • You can get multiple choices of Hotels Budget resorts & luxury hotels in Jawhar
  • Nashik and Trimbakeshwar both locations are nearby so you can also choose hotels their.

Budget of Trip

  • If you travel in a group, You can book minibusses which cost less. It’s just 140 from Mumbai. So it comes under minimum Rent of 300 km. You can add some more places in the same budget.
  • If you booked 17 seaters = 20/km minimum 300 Km day so total = 6,000 + Toll and parking and other charges 1000
  • Rs.500/ person for transport and 250 for food so the total cost will be Rs.750/ person.
  • If you are on a budget you can travel by Public transport, buses are available from All nearby cities which cost you appreciate 150 to 200 one way.
  • Personal vehicles will add an advantage to visit Jawhar tourist places.

How to Reach Jai Vilas Palace – Travel Guide

  • The nearest railway station is Igatpuri = 70 Km
  • Distance from nearby cities
  • Mumbai = 140 Km
  • Nashik = 81 km
  • Pune = 267 I’m
  • Thane = 118 Km
  • Surat = 216 Km
  • Ahmedabad = 467 Km
  • Trimbakeshwar = 54 Km
  • Ahmednagar = 237 Km
  • Indore – Madhya Pradesh = 499 Km

Places to visit near

Jai Vilas Palace travel guide

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