Arthur lake Travel Guide the heart of Bhandardara

Arthur lake is the heart of Bhadardhara located in the middle of Bhandardhara and surrounded by an appropriate 55 km lush green forest which includes lots of waterfalls, rock views, mountains, and beautifully scenic terrain. So I fill that Arthur lake is heart of Bhandardara.

The reserve forest area, and the best nearest hill stations of Mumbai

I’m here again with yet another blog on Arthur lake the best location and adventurous place near bhandardara for a fun ride and drive. I will share my personal experience with the images of route plans, tips, things to do, how to reach, nearby places to visit, distance from other cities, so it will help you as Travel Guide to plan your trip.

Personal travel experience

I visited this place many times, with a group, and while bike riding. This time I am going to share with you my bike ride experience.

As many as 17 to 21 of us left Mumbai. We had 14 bikes and two cars. Everyone was eager to visit a new location. After leaving our office, we left in about an hour. It was too late Until everyone comes together.

Exactly fifteen days in advance I had booked the resort So even though it was late, there was no need to take any tension. We went to Bhandardara via Ghoti. The road from Ghoti to Bhandardara was very bad. We had arranged their stay as per everyone’s liking.

We reached near the resort between half-past one in the night. The night show I started our night show and Performed singing and we found some new singers. Everyone had a great time that night.


We were accommodated in two ways, reserved three rooms in resort. Some of us riders Some of us wanted to live in tents so So we arranged for them.

Camping  Near Arthur lake 

To be in the tent Since it was nighttime, we didn’t know exactly where the tent was planted But when I woke up in the morning, I was fascinated by the natural beauty. Our tent was set up right next to the lake.

The beauty of the morning nature and the blue water were going to captivate the mind. The greenery on all sides and the blue water looked like a painter’s picture Which we saw in the Paintings.

The morning we We woke up in the morning and eagerly move towards the Arthur lake – Dam

Sightseeing Near Arthur lake

Arthur lake Dam Beautiful water flow

The lake was flooded in some places due to heavy rains,

Rock view near Arthur lake Dam

Mountain view near Arthur Lake Dam

Landscape Near Arthur lake beautiful Nature

Tips and Things to do

  • Best place to stay near Randha waterfall is Bhadardhara.
    • You get multiple choice of Hotels
      • Budget resorts & luxury hotels
      • You can also do a camping near Randha water fall – Bhadardhara.
      • Mtdc Hotels is also available at Bhandardara
  • Personal vehicle is must to visit Randh waterfall to come around to see more sight seen You me hair cab from Bhadardhara or Igatpuri.
  • Road condition is too bad so keep emergency tools with you.
  • Food court is available operated by local people good spicy test. special food kanda bhaji and Tea. Healthy snacks,  

How to reach

Places to visit near Arthur lake

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