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Kihim Beach travel guide, Bike Ride, how to reach, tips, rides, Images, places to visit, Alibaug tahasil district Raigad, Maharashtra, India. I will share my personal experience, it will help you as a travel guide.

Kihim beach is one of the nearest weekend getaway destinations and even can be covered in one day trip. It’s the nearest beach to Mandwa jetty. Many Mumbaikars visit this place for fun and rides. It’s a par of the Alibaug tahasil district Raigad, Maharashtra, India.

किहिम बीच हे मुंबई जवळच्या वीकेंड गेटवे डेस्टिनेशन्सपैकी एक आहे आणि एका दिवसाच्या ट्रिपमध्ये देखील कव्हर केले जाऊ शकते. मांडवा जेटीसाठी हा सर्वात जवळचा समुद्रकिनारा आहे. अनेक मुंबईकर या ठिकाणी मौजमजेसाठी आणि राइड्ससाठी भेट देतात. हे अलिबाग तहसील जिल्ह्याच्या रायगड, महाराष्ट्र, भारताचे एक समतुल्य आहे.

Our very first destination was Kihim beach. It was a pleasant and peaceful beach, with not much crowd on it.

आमचे पहिले डेस्टिनेशन किहिम बीच होते. तो एक आल्हाददायक आणि शांत समुद्रकिनारा होता, त्यावर फारशी गर्दी नव्हती.

Personal Experience

We visit this place while our Mumbai to Kashid bike ride. We started from mumbai. This time we chose the sea route with Roro. Mumbai to Mandwa. It takes only one hour to reach Mandwa.

आम्ही आमच्या मुंबई ते काशीद बाईक दरम्यान या ठिकाणी भेट दिली होती. आम्ही मुंबईपासून सुरुवात केली. यावेळी आम्ही रोरोने जाण्याचे ठरवले आणी त्यासाठी सागरी मार्ग निवडला. मुंबई ते मांडवा. आम्हाला मांडव्याला पोहोचायला फक्त एक तास लागला.

After reaching mandwa we did some breakfast and move towards Alibaug while going we saw a distraction board Kihim was just 3 km from the main road. So we decided to visit this beach. It’s an instant decision. We go through a small narrow road towards kihim beach.Its fill like mini Goa.

मांडव्याला पोहोचल्यावर थोडा नाश्ता केला आणि अलिबागच्या दिशेने निघालो तेव्हा आम्हाला एक बोर्ड दिसला किहिम मुख्य रस्त्यापासून फक्त 3 किमी अंतरावर आहे. त्यामुळे आम्ही या बीचला भेट देण्याचे ठरवले. किहिम बीचच्या दिशेने निघताच एका छोट्या अरुंद रस्त्यावरून जाव लागले. तो रस्ता मिनी गोव्यासारखा वाटत होता.

Beautiful nature at Kihim beach

About Beach: The Kihim beach was not that crowded. There were around 15-20 people on the beach. The sea water clear and unpolluted. Cool and calm breezy were flowing all over the surrounding.

Coconut water: Right in front of the beach there was a coconut water seller. It was about 10am in the morning. I bought a coconut water and sat down on the sea shore. Sipping the sweet and sour coconut water and watching the huge and vast sea in did gave me a different level of pleasure. These moments and pleasures can`t be bought with money. One must visit Kihim beach for the reason.

Fort view from Kihim Beach


Tips and Things to do at Kihim Beach

Rides: Fun rides such as horse rides and horse cart rides were available on the beach. Families were enjoying the horse cart rides.

Food availability: There were about 7-8 small stalls at the entrance of the beach. With the sitting arrangement of about 10 people in each stall.

The food items available were as follows: Vada pav, Samosa, Kanda Bhaji (onion pakodas), Mirchi bhaji (chilly pakodas), Batata Bhaji (potato pakoras), Misal pav, Upma, Kandepohe, Maggi, Tea, etc. The rates are reasonable. One can enjoy these yummy snacks items by sitting at the beach site.

Parking: Just before entering the beach area one can find an open space, located in front of the hotels. It costed us Rs. 10 to park our bike.

Washrooms: Wash rooms are also available at the Kihim beach. Right in front of the parking area, wash rooms and changing rooms are available at the cost of Rs. 10.

Overall, it was a fun time on the Kihim beach. It had all the facilities such as amazing food, toilets, parking area, and most importantly the calmness on the sea.

It’s a must visit location.

How To reach Nearby Places to visit near Kihim Beach

By Sea

  • The Ro-Ro ride can get you from Mumbai to Mandwa near Alibaug in less than 60 minutes
  • As opposed to the 3.5 hours or longer it takes by road.

Nearest railway station is Pen = 35 Km

Distence from

Nearby Places to visit near Kihim Beach



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