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Peshwa Smarak, shrivardhan taluka, District Raigad, Maharashtra, India. Birthplace of Balaji Vishwanath. In this blog you will get a basic information about Peshwa.


Peshwa is a golden name in the history of the Maratha Empire. The Peshwa was not a person but a position. Which was created by the descendants of Shivaji Maharaj himself for his generals or their viziers. The first of them was Peshwa and Balaji Vishwanath came to prominence. He was also known as Bajirao.

पेशवा हे मराठा साम्राज्याच्या इतिहासातील एक सुवर्ण नाव आहे. पेशवे ही व्यक्ती नसून पद होते. ज्याची निर्मिती खुद्द शिवाजी महाराजांच्या वंशजांनी त्यांच्या सेनापतींसाठी किंवा त्यांच्या वजीरांसाठी केली होती. त्यापैकी पहिले पेशवे व बाळाजी विश्वनाथ हे प्रसिद्धीस आले. त्यांना बाजीराव म्हणूनही ओळखले जात असे.

Bajirao’s story of heroism – बाजीरावांच्या पराक्रमाची गाथा

Bajirao’s story of heroism is famous not only in Maharashtra but in the whole country. He had conquered the whole of Hindustan on the strength of his brilliant intelligence and bravery. After Shivaji Maharaj, The Maratha Empire came to prominence again in the time of Balaji Vishwanath i.e. Bajirao.

बाजीरावांच्या पराक्रमाची गाथा महाराष्ट्रातच नव्हे तर संपूर्ण देशात प्रसिद्ध आहे. आपल्या तल्लख बुद्धिमत्तेच्या आणि शौर्याच्या बळावर त्याने संपूर्ण हिंदुस्थान जिंकून घेतला होता. शिवाजी महाराजांनंतर, बाळाजी विश्वनाथांच्या काळात मराठा साम्राज्य पुन्हा प्रसिद्ध झाले ते बाजीराव यांच्यामुळेच.


Personal Expirience

We visited this tourist and historical place during our Mumbai to Harihareshwar trip. It is located in the heart of Shrivardhan city. The fort is surrounded by a fort-like rampart. When you look at that building, it looks like a fort. Once inside, a chiseled castle is visible. The castle you are doing has now been converted into an elementary school. A full-sized idol of Bajirao can be seen at the front of the main entrance.

Entrance of Shreivardhan City.

Birth place of Bajirao peshava – बाजीराव पेशवांचे जन्मस्थान

Bajirao Peshwa was born into a Bhat Brahmin family at Shrivardhan. From birth he was very clever and a diplomat. Later he worked as an accountant in Marathi samrajya for some time. He was later given a few missions based on his duties. He put his best efforts so all the campaigns were successful. Satisfied with his duties, he was conferred the title of Peshwa.

बाजीराव पेशव्यांचा जन्म श्रीवर्धन येथे एका भट ब्राह्मण कुटुंबात झाला. जन्मापासूनच तो अतिशय हुशार आणि मुत्सद्दी होता. पुढे काही काळ मराठी साम्राज्यात लेखापाल म्हणून काम केले. नंतर त्याला त्याच्या कर्तव्यावर आधारित काही मोहिमा देण्यात आल्या. त्यांनी सर्वतोपरी प्रयत्न केले त्यामुळे सर्व मोहिमा यशस्वी झाल्या. त्यांच्या कर्तुत्वावर  प्रसन्न होऊन त्यांना पहिले पेशवेपद बहाल करण्यात आले.

His house at Shrivardhan is in very bad condition. This building is of old historical importance and we need to re-establish it. We must do something to restore order and former beauty to this house. This will be our tribute to your hero. Maharashtra, tourism should promote this place with establishment.

त्यांच्या श्रीवर्धन येथील घराची अवस्था अत्यंत वाईट आहे. एक मराठी माणूस म्हणून, महाराष्ट्रातील माणूस म्हणून, या घराला सुव्यवस्था आणि पूर्वीचे सौंदर्य परत आणण्यासाठी आपण काहीतरी केले पाहिजे. हीच तुमची तुमच्या नायकाला श्रद्धांजली असेल

Tips and things to do

  • Best time to visit is winter day
  • Shrivardhan beach is just few minutes away.
  • You will get good hotels and Food court in shrivardhan.
  • The over all areas surround with lots of beaches

How to reach Peahwa Smarak shrivardhan 

  • Nearest railway station is Mangaon = 48 km
  • Nearest airport – is chatrapati shivaji Maharaj international airport which is 179 km
  • Nearest bus stop – is shrivardhan bus stop which is 1.5 km
  • Distance from
  • Mumbai = 172 km
  • Pune = 164 km
  • Satara = 180 km
  • Raigad fort  = 74 km
  • Mangaon = 48 km
  • Ratnagiri = 224 km
  • Shreevardhan beach = 1.1 Km
  • Panjim = 436 km
  • Kolhapur = 302 km

Nearby Places to visit

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