About me


Let me start with my introduction. I am a rider, Yes bike riding is my passion, my love, my soul and my of course my whole life. It might sound crazy but one can call “Swamini” my bike is my best friend. My life revolve around my bike and passion for travelling the world. 

They say that professions are followed generations by generations. But in my case, it was ‘Passion’ Towards traveling and attitude towards life. My father was a passionate traveler. I was observing home since I was a child till his last breath. He was a complete family man. He was professionally very sincere about his work. And the best part was along with it he used to follow his passion for traveling too. He arranges tours at religious and historical places etc. And use gives people another attitude toward life. It was his dream to travel all over India and plan tours for people. But unfortunately was not accomplished. I think the same dream has continued and is flowing in my veins too.

I had given myself the goal of traveling the entire country on my bike. On which I can proudly say “Yes I have achieved my goal! Traveling helps me in reducing my work stress and frustration in day-to-day life. I love to interact with people from different locality this helped me in gaining contact with many people which help me to a positive hope to establishing our travel advice website.

Our Mantra towards life.
The average person spends 3750 days that’s 10.27 years at
work over their lifetime. There’s nothing wrong in working but what are we working for? You can’t take all that stuff with you when you die. It’s time to start working for memories. This is what you will remember. Life goes too fast. From current scenario of covid -19. We all got attacked by the reality of life. We have no ideas what’s going to happen next. Life is completely unpredictable and short too. Hence instead of wasting it in just doing the ordinary things,
let’s do something crazy, let’s heareach and every beat of our heart. Let’sts chase the speed, do the craziness and enjoy our life to the fullest. Come join the fun with us.

Here are the states I have been through :

Leh-Laddakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Punjab, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Madhyapradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh. Rajasthan,
Places: Taj Mahal, Gokarna, Mount Abu, Statue of unity, All western Ghats, Forests, River sites, Holy places etc.

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