Mumbai’s nearest hill station, Mathe = Top and Ran = Forest. A forest is available on the top of the mountain. One of the best places for one day trip. 0% pollution-free Beautiful environment.


Matheran only one Hill station where the vehicle is banned. You have to enjoy travel either on horses or walking. Matheran is a small town. Narrow Gauge train available from Neral to Matheran. Hotels and food court are available which is operated by the local community.

Personal Experience

We visited this place many times, I share my first experience while bike riding. It’s an unplanned trip for me and my friend Paresh on rainy days. We started from mumbai. No jacket with out raincoat to enjoy rain. We chose nearest hills “Matheran”

We take a right to on Neral – Matheran road. While climbing on neral Matheran road. We experience some thrilling movement. It’s a very narrow road, stiff climbs, curvy turns in railway track in middle of the road and continues rainfall Just imagine and we are on my bike.

We park my motorcycle “Swamini” near the entrance and start walking. The main town is almost 1.5 km from the Entrance. We feel that beautiful nature welcomed us. We eat hot Maggy & tea at Alexander point. Hot and cold experience.

There are one circle around the mountain, All the points are on the way. Monkey points, Eco points. Alexander point. Honeymoon hill point.

How to reach

You will get two options from Neral.

1) Share taxi which dropped at Entrance.


2) Narrow gauge train Ac / Non ac. (Not available in Rainy Days)

Nearest airport is Mumbai = 83 km

Nearest Railway Station is Neral = 7 km.

Tips and Guidance

Use road transport from Neral, It’s a faster way to reach Matheran.

Narrow Gauge train almost 1 and half hours to reach Matheran, If you want to enjoy your travel use Train only. It will drops you in main town.

Every point views are almost same so you me spend some time quality time in one spot which save you energy and time.

Don’t use a white color dress.

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